5 Career Paths for the Master of Sport Management

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If you’ve always dreamed of working in the sports industry, a Master of Science in Sport Management is a great way to get your foot in the door. With a sport management degree, you will be qualified to pursue many different career paths depending on your field of interest. Like any industry, countless areas could use bright, talented individuals like you. Whether you want to stay behind the scenes or up front in the spotlight, a sport management degree will afford you the ability to excel anywhere. Take a look at a few of the career choices a Master’s in Sport Management degree prepares you for upon graduation.


Many people like the idea of becoming a sports agent since the earning potential is unlimited after working up to the professional sports level. Typically, an agent is paid a percentage based on a player’s salary and endorsements. This field might appeal to you if you like the idea of building a solid reputation and working your way up the ladder while helping athletes improve their careers.

Sports Blogger

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If you have a gift for words and would enjoy a more flexible, professional life, you might consider becoming a sports blogger. As a freelance sports writer, you can use your knowledge in sport management to create compelling content that might catch the eye of a major organization. Sports writing is another profession that would require you to build up a reputation before making significant earnings, but it’s worth pursuing if you love writing and the sports industry.

Brand Manager

Athletes and teams hire brand managers to help them positively and effectively portray their organizations. As a brand manager, you would be in charge of developing branding strategies that connect the team to their fans. The brand manager oversees market research and uses that information to create an effective branding message.

Sports Market Researcher

Without market research, there’s no way to know what type of branding strategies to use. As a sports market researcher, you would study target audiences, past and present trends, demand, and other topics to determine how to best market a team or player. Over time, this job could help you move up into brand management.

Sports Compliance Professional

If you enjoy the technical side of sports, you might be interested in the compliance professional field. As a sports compliance specialist, you would work for organizations and ensure that players and managers follow the official rules and regulations of the sport. Compliance specialists usually work at colleges to oversee teams.

Where do you see yourself in the industry? What do you hope to gain from your job? These questions are just a couple of the considerations you’ll need to evaluate before setting your sights on a position. Because the sports industry is so pervasive, a demand for qualified sports professionals exists in every state. While there may not be specific openings for these particular careers, scores of other opportunities are available to you.