6 Key Issues in the Future of Sports Administration

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As the sports world expands, with new organizations and broadcast opportunities, so too do the legal issues surrounding that growth. Here are 6 of the sports law issues that athletic administrators could face in the near future.

1. Stadium and arena negotiations
From 1997 to 2015, more than 21 new NFL stadiums alone have opened and more are planned for other sports as well. The deals require talks with municipalities and private entities, and negotiations are competitive at the collegiate level as well.

2. Athlete compensation and employee status
Since 1995 only one major sports league (MLB) has avoided major labor issues related to athlete compensation. In addition, college athletes are seeking to be classified as employees.

3. Sports gambling
Fantasy sports operations, as well as sports betting at casinos, has resulted in litigation connected to gambling including antitrust lawsuits and even Constitutional challenges.

4. Broadcast rights
Broadcast options, rights of first refusal and the right to match offers are several challenges being litigated between broadcast networks, leagues and the individual teams.

5. Use of taxpayer funds in athletics
More than $7 billion in public funds have been used to construct NFL stadiums in the past 20 years. Taxpayer funds may also be used to support collegiate athletics as well, or subsidies paid for by students.

6. Assault
54.3% of intercollegiate and recreational athletes admit to engaging in sexuallly coercive behavior. Meanwhile, several high profile athletes from professional sports have been implicated in sexual assault incidents, resulting in suspensions and legal proceedings.

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