Growing Your Love of Sports into a Career

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It typically begins at a very young age. We watch our parents, uncles and neighbors rooting for the home team as they laugh, yell and sometimes cry over the wins and losses. The teams our father or mother loves get ingrained in us and a love of sports is born. Add to that the joy of joining your first baseball or basketball team, and you’re well on your way to becoming a lifelong lover of sports.

Of course when we’re 6 or 7, we’re sure we’ll be the next Don Mattingly or Magic Johnson when we grow up. But for each one of us who becomes a professional athlete, there are tens of thousands that lack the natural ability needed to go pro.

This doesn’t mean you can’t turn your love of sports into a rewarding and lasting career. A degree in sport management can be your ticket to the pros — not as an athlete, but maybe as an agent, communications specialist or general manager.

The casual sports fan knows about the teams, coaches and players. But with just a little digging, one can begin to understand the many jobs available in the sports world.

If you love sports and want to make a career out of it, consider an online degree in sport management. By studying online, you keep your job while you get your degree. Once you have it, you can parlay your love of sports into one of these sought after careers.

Sports Finance

A sport management degree gives you the training and skills to blend your love of sports with the consumer-driven business of amateur and professional sports. From the Oakland Athletics to the Auburn University crew squad, teams need to be financed in order to exist in today’s world. Financial advisors in sports do quite a bit to keep the teams competing. From helping pros invest their money wisely to accounting for the money spent by university athletic departments, sports finance professionals are an integral part of team competition.

Sports Communications Specialist

Is your love of sports only exceeded by your passion for writing? If so, you might want to start a career in sports communication. Whether you’re working for the Mets or your alma mater’s football team, writing press releases for your favorite sports team will keep your sports knowledge sharp while allowing you to make a well-above average salary. Sports communication specialists can make over $70,000 per year, depending on how much experience they possess. These professionals conduct interviews and publicize teams in the media as part of the effort to chalk up wins.

Sports Agent

We all know how great Tiger Woods was during his reign over golf’s elite through the late 90s and 00s. You may have also heard about his multi-million dollar endorsements with Nike and other brands. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t just his talent that got him the money. It was his agent.

A sport management degree can help you start a career as a professional sports agent. If you like pressure-packed action and making deals with companies, teams and athletes, you might be a good sports agent candidate.

Just because you’re not on the field anymore doesn’t mean you have to let your dream of a career in sports die. With an online master’s degree in sport management, your love of sports can be integrated into a fulfilling career.