MS in Sport Management Overview

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Greg Letter: Adelphi online is a great opportunity for students that come from different backgrounds that want to enter the sport industry but it’s also great opportunity for those that are already working in the sport industry that want to either move up in their position or move laterally. So we see it as a two-way focus, those that are career changers as well as those that are obviously relying on us to enhance their position currently.

Emilia Zarco: Our sport management program at Adelphi University is unique because of the two concentrations that we offer online, sport marketing and collegiate athletic administrations. This concentration gives our students and edge. When they apply for jobs, because now they have special skills that are relevant to these specific jobs and I feel that specialization really makes students marketable.

Shawn O’Riley: Yeah, we’ve tried to create a really high touch experience for the student in terms of these four systems. So there is a person who is kind of looking after them every step of the way throughout the program through their admission and their initial entry into the program and orientation, all the way through each of their individual classes. In addition to their instructor taking a lot of time with them, to make sure that they’re up to speed on their assignments and their work, we also have a whole team of people that kind of support them day in and day out, making sure that they get all the right resources. So our online programs are really driven by the faculty desire to create something new and interesting, unique and innovative in the field and things that they couldn’t do inside the classroom. And that’s really led by our great faculty leaders that you can work with throughout the program.

We really gone a long way in trying to create simulations, case studies, different kind of interactive features in the online program.

It allows faculty and students to kind of have a very practical real-world based experience inside the classroom and so that’s the way I think our program is very different.

Greg Letter: I think that with the background that Adelphi University has had in sport management for close to 30 years, the connections we have has assisted in us developing a focused curriculum for those students’ interest and being in that New York market being able to utilize those professionals in the New York market to assist us has really increased the credibility of our program to assist those students and again their career pursuits.

So again my 11th year here, the other full-time faculty member has been here 15 years so I think that we can boldly state that we’re well connected and again like I said there’s no better place than New York sports market for a sport management degree.