New Frontiers in Sport Marketing

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Sport marketing is booming this year more than ever. With an estimated worth of $700 billion, this type of marketing is growing faster than the global GDP.

Why MSSM Students Should Take Notice

As a Master of Science in Sport Management online student, you should take notice of this powerful arena as it will likely play a role in your sports career. Wherever you work, you are likely to encounter a number of sport marketing initiatives and content. You may even consider focusing your career specifically on sport marketing, as it is an exciting and ever-changing medium taking new and different forms on a regular basis.

Technology is Bringing Sport Marketing to a New Level

Emerging technologies, along with globalization and an increasing desire for escapism, are driving this boom in sport marketing. Technological advances are helping the sport marketing industry shift to new and different platforms, offer lifestyle and entertainment content, create a more inclusive sport marketing culture, and capitalize on casual sports fans.

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