Sport Marketing Specialization

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Greg Letter: The sport marketing track is one that sort of opens up opportunities for students to work in various sport industry areas because it’s basically understanding the product you’re trying to sell, the product you’re trying to promote. There are so many different sport products out there that just having the marketing background enables them to move in and really just understand the concepts to sell pretty much any type of sport product. We also look at sport as a global product so we wanted our students to not just focus on the local market, we wanted our students to get a thorough understanding of how the sport industry is reaching those far corners of the world and that their market isn’t just within a 60-mile radius of the sport facility. We felt that those products can be sold around the world so understanding sport marketing concepts was the main focus that we fell for specialization. We’ve placed students with sport agents where they’re either dong marketing research or account executives with athletes in their endorsement deals. We have students that work with advertising agencies because these advertising agencies work with professional sports teams so their account executives with certain products with major sports here in New York.

So with the background that Adelphi University has had in sport management for close to 30 years, the connections we have has assisted in us developing a focused curriculum for those students’ interest and being in that New York market being able to utilize those professionals in the New York market to assist us has really increased the credibility of our program to assist those students and again their career pursuits.