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3 Trend Predictions for 2016

If you’re interested in earning your online sport management degree, learning about the trends affecting the industry this year and beyond is of paramount importance. Currently, the sports industry is thought to be worth between $500 and $600 billion across the world, and it’s only expected to grow in the future. Cherished pastimes have now become big business, and many big trends are emerging in 2016 that will continue to change the game.

Trend #1 – Women Become a Bigger Part of the Industry

In the past, the sports industry has been stereotypically male-dominated, but one of the trend predictions for 2016 is for women to become an even bigger part of this industry. Both as fans and athletes, women account for a bigger part of the industry than ever before, and this trend is only going to continue. Simply look at the “Football is Family” campaign from the NFL, featuring women and children or consider that the first NFL female referee has now taken her place, and you’ll see that women are making waves in the industry. This trend will have a rippling effect within the industry, and companies within the industry will want to prioritize women as they work to market to current fans and next generation fans.

Trend #2 – Fan Engagement Gets Bigger

3 Trend Predictions for 2016

Fan engagement has become more important, and it will only get bigger in 2016 and 2017. Fans expect to be connected to their favorite teams, and they expect this across multiple platforms and devices. Most fans check in with social networks when they watch games, and many sports venues are experimenting with new ways to increase fan engagement, bringing fans closer to the action. While Google Hangouts and Fantasy sports are just a couple of examples of how fan engagement is changing, innovation will continue to go deeper in the future.

Trend #3 – Social Fitness and Marketing Grows

According to Forbes, social fitness and social marketing is growing and will continue to grow this year. People are getting more involved in social fitness, and sports retailers are rapidly moving away from print media and conventional broadcast media, devoting most of their marketing dollars to social media marketing. Millennials spend more time on their smartphones and other mobile devices, and social marketing offers the best way to reach this important part of the market.

Learning more about current sports trends and potential trends for the future is important. Visit Adelphi University online today to discover more about sport management and current trends in the industry.