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4 Sports Bloggers to Follow Now

If you’re pursuing a sport management degree, chances are good that you seek a perspective on sports that goes deeper than the on-screen post-game analysis. These four bloggers offer behind-the-scenes insight and viewpoints that are sometimes controversial, often enlightening and certainly never a dull read.

Drew Magary

This GQ and Deadspin writer covers a lot of topics in the course of his workweek. But his after hours are spent (at least in part) blogging about sports. On his blog Kissing Suzy Kolber, Magary brings his irreverent, often outrageous but always insightful perspective to the world of professional athletics. With his razor-sharp wit, he’s at his best when lampooning the politics and the misbehavior that happen behind the scenes. Make sure to catch his A-hole Coach Digest series on Deadspin, where readers email him stories of the humiliations inflicted on them by tough childhood coaches. Just be careful where and when you read—a lot of Magary’s work falls squarely in the NSFW category.

Stephanie Wei

A former golfer and frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and other print and online publications, Stephanie Wei takes a passionate stand on her blog Wei Under Par. The blog is one of the leading golf sites on the internet, popular particularly for Wei’s exclusive one-on-one interviews with luminaries such as Jack Nicklaus, Peter Jacobsen, and many more.

Gregg Doyel

For many years, Doyel was the national sports writer for CBS Sports, with a special focus on the topic of college basketball. Doyel has since left CBS but many agree that his current sports column for the Indianapolis Star is of far more interest. In it, he strikes a curmudgeonly tone that easily escalates into the confrontational. His reporting has been critically lauded as often as his tactics have been deplored by readers. Still, his impact can’t be denied, covering stories from the Super Bowl to harness racing and, in recent years, highlighting local stories that bring the humanity back to the sports world. Check out his piece on homeless high school basketball player Various Wilson.

Jason Whitlock

The Fox sports personality and Kansas City Star writer keeps his own blog at J.School, where he has the freedom to make outsized pronouncements such as “The NBA regular season is dead. Steph Curry’s right ankle and knee killed it.” This writer is so confident that he invites and regularly publishes rebuttals to his blog posts. Whitlock has distinguished himself as an influencer by his utter fearlessness in taking on the big names and personalities in the sports media world. Case in point: his takedown of Kobe Bryant, published right on the heels of the Lakers star’s retirement.