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5 New Ways to Interact with Sports Teams with Technology

For many sports fans, being a part of the team is a way of life. They know the players on the team, their stats, and their injuries. They may take part in a fantasy league or regular game night at their local watering hole. Whatever the case, being a fan is part of the way they live their lives, and now technology is helping all the “number one fans” interact with their favorite teams in ways they never could before.

Social Media Q&A

Image via Flickr by Kieran Clarke

Ask any student of sport management or long-time super fan, and he or she will tell you that social media is a bedrock for how sports teams connect with their fans. Teams like the Indianapolis Colts actively use Facebook and Twitter. The Colts introduced Twitter Q&As so fans can ask their favorite players questions, and the real players are the ones tweeting back!

Connecting with Friends

Sports teams are using technology to upgrade their fans’ social experience when they attend games. Many stadiums and arenas are beefing up the connectivity within the stadium so that the fans can upload as many photos, videos, and Tweets as they want. In 2012, the Denver Broncos started a four-stage retrofit that including upgrading the entire network, including adding extra wireless access points, bringing the total number to 587. The team intends to add even more, especially in the press box and the parking lot so tailgaters can enjoy good connectivity too.

Catching the Big Moments, Again

One way people can use technology to interact with their favorite sports teams is through personal instant replays. Many homes already have the ability to rewind television, but what if you could catch that instant replay from your seat in the arena or stadium? The San Francisco 49ers are already using that technology through an app. As soon as a play happens in Levi’s Stadium, you can use your smartphone to view the action from different angles.

Streaming TV

With so much new technology, sports fans are able to connect like never before on their televisions. Devices like Roku give fans the ability to watch personalized feeds from their favorite teams through services like NFL Now, NBA Game Time, and NHL GameCenter. Fans can enjoy full-length replays, watch team interviews, and get breaking news on their favorite players. They can even watch out of market games.

Living the Fantasy

Technology is also letting sports fans interact more with their favorite teams in the fantasy sports circuits. According to Bloomberg, in 2014, over 40 million people in North America played in fantasy leagues, and almost half of them pay to play. Many fantasy leagues are online. This makes it a breeze to connect and compete with other fans, but it also makes figuring out who won that much easier. In turn, most of these paid leagues offer cash prizes.

Technology makes it easier to be a fan. There are already several ways to connect with favorite teams. Look for this trend to continue as technology becomes more pervasive.