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All About Sport Management Agents

We’ve all seen a major sporting event, either on television or in person, but we rarely if ever think about the work involved in getting a game going. One of the most important behind-the-scenes jobs in sports is the sport management agent, also known as the sport manager, who manages athletes and helps them make career decisions. Read on to learn more about a sport management agent’s role in your favorite sport.

Job Duties of a Sport Management Agent

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A sport management agent works closely with the athletes he manages, supporting them and making sure they get the best deal when they sign contracts. Managers take care of a player’s finances and any legal issues that a player faces. They also market athletes to potential sponsors and scouts. Sports management agents must have outgoing personalities and be able to talk up their athletes. They also need good negotiation and planning skills. Sport management agents often travel to accompany their athletes to events and away games.

Famous Sport Management Agents

The most notable sport agents can make millions of dollars a year in commissions when they get their clients signed to a team. Scott Boras, the number one sport agent in the world, has signed enough current players to Major League Baseball to make nine figures in commissions. He also owns the third most powerful sports agency in the world.

Other sport agents who’ve been successful to a similar degree include Don Meehan, who represents over a hundred players in the NHL, Tom Condon and his two associates, Ben Dogra and Jimmy Sexton, who together have signed $2.9 billion in current football contracts, and Arn Tellum, the biggest agent in basketball.

Sport managers are also made famous by popular fiction and in sport management movies like Jerry Maguire and A League of Their Own.

How to Become a Sport Management Agent

Sport managers come from different backgrounds. Some study to become sport managers in college while others transition from an athletic career into management. Since sport management agents must have business savvy as well as sports knowledge, many of them major in business subjects or marketing. Some schools offer online sport management master degrees so that students can gain an advanced expertise in sport management.

Once your education in sport management is complete, you have to start your own sport management agency and get your first clients. You can also start working for an existing agency. This takes some of the pressure off when it comes to finding clients and promoting yourself. Eventually though, all sport agents put their networking skills to the test trying to get the best clients they can.

Who knows where some of our favorite athletes would be without their trusty managers. In a way, sport managers are responsible for making sure that the best athletes get what they need to stay in the game. This little known but honorable line of work would make a great day job for any sports fan.