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Dissecting the Power of the NBA

The world of sport management is an exciting and diverse one, filled with as many layers of nuance as the political arena and revolving around as many public relations as the media. As you work toward your sport management online degree, it’s important to understand what makes organizations so successful in the real world. The NBA presents an interesting case study as an organization where players and coaches make more money and hold more power than those in the NFL, MLB, and NHL. The members of the NBA have more money and power in their spheres of influence for a few key reasons:

Fewer NBA Players

First of all, the most obvious reason NBA players have more money and influence than, say, their NFL counterparts is because a much smaller group divvies revenues up. The National Football League’s roster is roughly four times bigger than the NBA’s, and since the NBA grosses a little less than half of the NFL’s yearly earnings, each player is allotted almost twice as much.

Dissecting the Power of the NBA

Unique Physical Requirements

The players of the NBA all have a specific build. In order to play basketball professionally, players most certainly have to be a certain height and have a certain standard of coordination and agility. Even extremely tall, aspiring athletes who can’t cut it in the moves department may never live out NBA dreams. In light of this, those who have the build to be an NBA candidate are an elite breed, representing a tiny fraction of the population. This exclusiveness adds to their value. In other sports like baseball, football, or hockey, people with different body types can aspire to play different positions, but basketball is fairly straightforward.


NBA players also continue to increase their value as they play more. Many professional athletes only remain in the leagues for a relatively short period of time, but quite a few NBA players end up playing ten years or more, leading to continued salary increases, better merchandising deals, and a generally higher demand for the players’ abilities. The increased longevity of NBA players also means lower levels of turnover than in many other sports, meaning that those players are earning high salaries for many years and have the ability to extend their influence for a greater amount of time.

Labor Deals

The National Basketball Association’s labor deals also work in players’ favor quite well. According to SB Nation, the NBA’s current labor deal allows the players half of all revenue before expenses. In other sports, this is not the case. For instance, the NFL, with its more complicated way of working out revenue proportions, offers its players less than half of the revenue before expenses.

The National Basketball Association has fewer people, a more unique physical requirement, increased longevity of players, and better labor deals.

The people that organize the ins and outs of the NBA all do so with the sport management knowledge they possess. Becoming proficient in sport management with an online sport management degree is a great way to enter the world of sports.