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Everything We Know About Super Bowl 50

On February 7, 2016, Super Bowl 50 will unite millions of football fans around bowls of buttery popcorn and plates of spicy chicken wings as they cheer their teams to victory — or defeat. Behind the scenes, many moving parts must work together to pull off such a complex event. Learn about some of the prep that will go into producing Super Bowl 50.

Broadcasters Prepare for the Super Bowl Weeks in Advance

Image via Flickr by Maxim34374

USA Today sports journalist David Leon Moore details the preparations that broadcasters undertake in preparation for the Super Bowl every year. Producers, announcers, and other media professionals on the hosting network must select shots from past years and map out the blueprints for camera angles.

According to the official Super Bowl 50 website, CBS will serve as the Super Bowl’s official broadcast network in 2016. The producers will scout the location — Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California — and coordinate the halftime show as well, both activities which take considerable hours of work. Moore reports that the game-day festivities require 400 media professionals on the ground.

Social Media Will Drive Brand Activities Before and During the Super Bowl

While the game itself takes center stage during the Super Bowl, social media has become increasingly important to the event. According to Mike Shields and Jack Marshall of The Wall Street Journal, Super Bowl XLIX generated significant social media activity both before the game and after. Video-based social media websites, such as YouTube, dominated festivities before the game with advertising previews, while Twitter and Facebook assumed the spotlight during the game.

Shields and Marshall reported, “Sixty-five million people posted 265 million posts, comments, and likes related to the game” on Facebook. Since social media activity seems to increase with every Super Bowl, expect Super Bowl 50 to see even more traffic.

City Planning Will Take Considerable Time and Effort

While sport management professionals and players oversee significant preparation for an event as large as the Super Bowl, the hosting city has a monumental task as well. Santa Clara has already completed its gridlock-control plans for Super Bowl 50, according to Mary Jo Bowling of Curbed, which will help keep traffic jams to a minimum before, during, and after the event.

In 2014, writing for New Jersey Monthly, sports author and journalist Allen St. John outlined the copious organization and planningrequired for New Jersey’s stint as Super Bowl host. From accommodating VIPs on jets to preparing for inclement weather, the host city must prepare for every contingency so that visitors remain safe and the Super Bowl can progress without delay.

St. John also reported that organizers must decide on the most effective places to sell merchandise and determine how to funnel traffic toward revenue-generating booths and kiosks. Additionally, the halftime show requires special consideration: setup, breakdown, and electrical power during the event.

As Super Bowl 50 approaches, hundreds of professionals are working continually on preparations. From the media and entertainment to the brands hoping to capitalize on fans’ interest, this event always constitutes a long work in progress.