Master of Science in Sport Management Online

Great Careers for MSSM Graduates

A sport management degree holder may be qualified for a variety of careers, including coaching, working in public relations, becoming a sports agent and more. Read on for details on just a few job options for recent graduates.

Great Careers for MSSM


If you want to help others maximize their potential, then a career as a coach may be a great choice. Often coaches obtain these degrees to learn more about the other aspects of the job in addition to planning plays and managing players. Merchandising, administrative tasks, marketing and more are other complicated jobs of the average coach.

Sports Agent

Sports agents are responsible for a number of things when representing a player, a coach or a team. He or she may be involved with athlete recruitment, contract negotiation or creation of a public image for his or her client.

Sport Marketing

Another common job for people with this degree is marketing manager.  When we see a photo opportunity with a superstar walking through a children’s hospital, that visit was probably coordinated by a sport marketing manager. When a section of seats at a game is filled with Boy Scouts, that visit was probably arranged by a sport marketing manager. These people can work for individual clients, or they can represent teams — either college or professional.

Salary and Job Expectations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for people who work in sport management is $64,200 for 2016–2017. Coaches and scouts with these degrees made less, at about $30,640. Sports agents made the median amount at $64,200.  Sport marketing managers were at the high end, making $127,130.

Overall, the expected job growth through 2024 is faster than average. Sports leagues, and even amateur sports are making billions of dollars, and experts at maximizing those earnings are needed. A master’s degree in sport management degree from Adelphi University can make a huge difference in your pursuit of an interesting career in sport management.