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How Event Management Differs for Sports

Many young people dream of the opportunity to manage a sports team. However, many confuse sport management and event management with one another since both occupations seem as if they exist the same vein. With both occupations having stark differences, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

What Event Management Entails

Event management is the management and creation of conventions, concerts, formal parties, ceremonies, conferences, and festivals. Much of this occupation revolves around coordinating technical aspects, devising the event concept, understanding the target audience, and studying the brand before the event. Stretching from breakfast meetings to the Olympics, event management covers a wide range of events with all clients involved looking to reach a common goal.

How Event Management Differs for Sports

What Sport Management Entails

Sport management is known as the industrious field that concerns recreation and sports business. Great examples of sport managers would be the front office systems in sports information, sport finance, sports economics, facility management, event management, sport marketing, recreational sport management, college sport managers, and professional sports. Jobs in sport management tend to work in professional programs such as the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and other major professional and non-professional sports leagues. Sport management can often include event management activities and event oversight, but it also encompasses many other job functions.

Significant Differences

Sport management focuses on the daily management of the sporting activities themselves.  It branches into many different categories that include organization, facility, and administration. Instead of a sport manager working with an external client, they focus on the organization, facility, or team they work for. Sport management is much more inward-facing than event management, as event management focuses on pleasing external clients.

Significant Similarities

One of the significant similarities that sport management and event management have in common is the fact that both rely on organization to suit the needs of the client involved. Sport management relies on internal organization between all departments to meet a desired goal; Event management relies on external organization so all clients involved can be satisfied. Aside from calculated organization tactics, sport management and event management are rewarding and exciting careers for all parties involved.

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