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Sport Management and Community-Based Sport Careers

If you are considering or are already pursuing your online sports management degree, you are likely aware that there are many paths you can take after graduation. One very common option is creating a career in community-based sports. In this article, we’ll focus on what you can do in community-based sports with a sport management degree.

Sports Management and Community-Based Sports Careers

Youth Sports Jobs

For many people, a community-based sports position means that they will work with the youth in a community and focus on sports. This could mean that they get a job as a sports-related teacher at a local school or even working at a local after-school sports facility. The main goal is to find a way to work with the youth generation and inspire them to take an interest in sports. Another option would be to coach a few youth teams full time. If this kind of position interests you, then our degree program is a great place to start.


It is not just the children who can use some help in the sports department. Some adults also need help getting back to their normal selves after an accident or surgery. While you cannot diagnose someone and create a treatment plan, you can help them with their rehabilitation activities so they can get back to their normal activities. You can work with them through the plan that has been set out by their doctor and monitor them through the process.

Exercise Coaching

A sport management degree does not necessarily mean you have to focus on sports. In fact, you can focus on exercise in general. One way to do this is by providing a coaching class for people who are interested in improving their fitness level or getting into shape. More and more people are turning to professionals like this so they can be happier with their body and their health. You would not advise them on their diet plans but would work with them to create an exercise plan that will help them achieve their goals. Combined with the diet plan their doctor provides them, they will soon be on the path to a healthier way of living.

These are just some community-based career options available to sport management professionals.  To learn about more options when pursuing this line of work, visit Adelphi University online.