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Strong Startups Changing the Sports Industry for the Future

It’s difficult to make changes in the sports industry, but there are a number of startups that are shaking up the industry for 2016. With new businesses creating valuable resources for players, fans and investors, the opportunities for business growth are endless. There are a number of strong startups that are bringing excitement to the sports industry, and making it possible for players across the board to have more choices when it comes to sponsorship. With new ways to organize events, sell tickets and find sponsors, these startups are making sports management much more accessible.

Strong Startups Changing the Sports Industry for the Future


At YouStake, fans can invest money in the players that they love, and they can reap financial rewards from their investments. While staking players has been around for a number of decades, YouStake is taking this behind closed doors approach to player sponsorship and making it available to fans. The goal is to give young, but skilled players a chance at making it as professionals before they have the money to do so on their own. Right now, YouStake is for the poker industry, but this could make big changes in other arenas if it works out.

Open Sponsorship

Just as the name suggests, Open Sponsorship is taking a once hit or miss sponsorship game and leveling out the playing field. Their goal is to bring brands, players, teams and events together to create opportunities for everyone involved. Players and brands are assessed on their merit, with an extensive database set up to assure solid matches for players and brands. The point is, sponsorship shouldn’t be left up to who you know, but instead be based on who deserves to be sponsored.

Mars Network

Mars Network focuses on bringing unique, mobile content to the sports world. The content is aimed at younger viewers and showcases athletes and teams that you aren’t going to be able to find on television. One of the bigger obstacles of creating a worldwide sports network is reaching their audience, but the Mars Network is focused on distribution and creating quality videos appropriate for their younger demographic.

Arrow Pass

Arrow Pass is looking to create a platform where ticket payments and vendor organization can help grow sales and promote vendor management simplicity. It gives events an opportunity to sell tickets electronically and cuts down on ticket fraud. This business gives event organizers fast support, right when they need it most. They provide an independent venue through which tickets are sold, monitor sales and keep vendors organized. It’s direct support to events without having to pay for extra staff.

If you are interested in the field of sports, specifically in public relations, there are great opportunities for earning your sports management degree online.