Master of Science in Sport Management Online

Tailoring Your Online Sport Management Degree to Suit Your Needs

One of the elements of American life that distinguishes us from other countries is our love of sports. Our national pastime is a sport, we basically treat certain sporting events as holidays and we display our allegiance to teams by advertising them on our cars, sweatshirts, hats, lawn chairs and even in the tattoos we permanently ink on our skin. What’s more American than the Yankees or the Cowboys?

Not only are our beloved sports here to stay, they’re somehow gaining in popularity as we watch the ceiling for athletes’ salaries get pushed further and further towards the clouds. It’s a great time to begin a career in sports. But not all of us can be Lebron or even a no-name bench player on a professional roster.

Getting an online sport management degree can allow you to work in the field you love. The good news about a degree like sport management is that it can be tailored to suit your needs. The many careers a degree like this can afford you are wide ranging and most importantly, exciting. Most sports lovers have been watching games on TV since they were kids, and by getting a degree in sport management, you can become a part of the sporting world. These are just a few of the ways you can tailor your sport management degree to suit the vision of your career.

Sports Facilities Management

We love going to basketball, football and baseball games. But did you ever stop and think what goes into a successful sporting event? Sports facilities managers are the people that make these events happen. These managers, or sports facility directors, as they’re sometimes called, are in charge of day to day operations of places like Comerica Park, Wrigley Field and the Staples Center. It’s an exciting and dynamic career for people who love sports and getting a master’s in sport management can get you there.

Public Relations

You know how you hear about athletes getting pulled over for driving 125mph down a highway or getting in a fight outside a pizza restaurant? Public relations (PR) firms massage these stories to keep athletes in the good graces of those who ultimately buy tickets to see their games — sports fans. PR professionals also work with organizations as a whole to keep a positive image in the spotlight. For the sport management graduate who may have been labeled a “fast talker” at some point in their life, sports PR might be the right fit.

Sport Marketing

Sports fans love their apparel. From shoes to jerseys to hats, it’s a multi-billion dollars business. Sport marketers keep fans in their favorite gear. They also market athletes and teams. From the Detroit Tigers to the Midland Rockhounds, teams are trying to sell tickets and make money while keeping fans happy. With an online degree in sport management, you could go into the expanding field of sport marketing.

Whether you love the business side of sports, the interaction with the fans or finding out ways to market hockey to Texans, there are many ways to tailor your sport management degree to one of the many careers available.