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Top 3 Sports Players on Social Media

Social media platforms are the digital homes to celebrities, everyday people, sports players, and everybody in between. While some athletes use social media to promote their team or personal brand, others, with the help of their sport marketing team, use the platforms to promote good. From advocating for different charities, to catering to fans throughout the globe, the following sports players are known for leveraging their celebrity for good.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Using Social Media For Good

Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain of the Portuguese national team, plays for Real Madrid, and is considered by many to be on of the best footballers of all time. He has over 21 million followers on Twitter, 63 million fans on Facebook, and has 76 million followers on Instagram. As a household name, Ronaldo uses his fame in new and innovative ways. He takes to Twitter to connect with and thank his fans, while simultaneously promoting his global initiatives. Ronaldo also uses the power of video to promote local charity and to bring awareness to areas where children need support, care, and love. He finds the ideal balance between promotional content, personal expression, and using his celebrity status to bring awareness to important causes.

Rafael Nadal: Catering To Multilingual Fans

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish professional tennis player who has consistently been ranked as number one in the world. Nadal has over 5 million followers on Twitter, 12 million on Facebook, and 2 million on Instagram. His powerful presence on social media is driven by his desire to cater to fans throughout the glove. In fact, his tweets are written in both English and Spanish to better cater to his multilingual fans. Nadal is known for creating social media updates that come from the heart; these updates allow him to connect with his fans and share his experiences as a professional athlete while avoiding promotional posts.

Top 3 Sports Players on Social Media
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Russell Wilson: Bringing Charity To The Forefront Of Social Media

Russell Wilson is the Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He uses his growing social media presence to not only connect with his fan base, but to also bring awareness to his various charity initiatives. Through Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram uploads, Wilson is able to gain support for children throughout the country. For example, he often brings awareness to the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, a football camp that helps inner city and underprivileged children. He also actively supports the Seattle Children’s Hospital and other inspiring charities that he comes across.

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